Dehumanization by Paul K Lynch

New Exhibtion

May 2nd - May 12th

About Dehumanization

Our society rapidly transforms into a state where the connections we share with each other are increasingly faceless, and with this we become the soulless vessels for other people’s projections. Our collective fears, shames and hate only grow and in time these mindsets give birth to monsters.

In this collection of works Paul K Lynch depicts figures stripped of their tools for emotional connection, becoming little more than subhumans. Its goal is to shine a light on what we all try to hide in the shadows of our minds, both our external projections and our internal fears.

This exhibition is a collection of work spanning over five years with pieces in oils and acrylic on large canvases.

Opening event will include live music by Finn Baulch

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Exhibition Dates

2nd of May till 12th of May
Wednesday - Saturday, 11am - 5pm

Opening Event

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Soma Gallery
421 sydney rd, Bunswick

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